What We Did

We wanted…

… to secure several months of product to give her an uninterrupted, extended supply. Which meant  we needed €860 – €1100 (8-10 months worth). But a whip-around looked like it would net only two months worth – and trading our baking, knitting, painting, teaching and other skills would take too long. We wanted one decent chunk of income. Quickly raised.

So, as the musicians amongst us weren’t famous enough to command concert ticket fees (and we’d lose money on venue hire, advertising, ticket printing etc), we opted for an open, creative, musical night in a pub. With circulating donations bucket, face-painting and raffle.


We acted…

… with two musicians from our organising group approaching two others to double their numbers. We collated skills and products for the raffle… Therapy… Tin Whistle lessons… Skin Creams… and told people about it through Facebook.

Then the magic started.

Within hours two books were donated. Then a few CDs. Next a hand-woven, willow basket. A few days later, another book. Then more musicians saying they’d like to come – with hand drums! It just went on and on. So much so that it was still evolving on the night as we heard of even more musicians en-route. Plus a hamper, more drinks and a wind turbine recipe book arrived for the raffle giving us 27 prizes. Or was it 28?

All contributed to make this night far more fun and more successful than we could have hoped for.

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We received…

Traditional… Jazz… Blues… African… were expressed and savoured… interspersed with spontaneous collaborations and creations… all wove together to create a special and unique night. On top of that, with so many prizes on offer, people were quick to buy raffle tickets… bringing in a healthy few hundred on the night. Pledges from others who couldn’t be there added another few… and when combined with the 4 cases donated before the night… we ended up with a guaranteed 10-month supply!

We also received more than money.

  • We were touched by the generosity with which people donated prizes, time, money and bought ridiculous quantities of raffle tickets. The desire to help was palpable.
  • A wonderful, fun-filled night. Music, song, stories and creativity of all sorts abounded – and some new friendships were seeded.
  • We witnessed our friend slowly coming to appreciate just how much she means to us.
  • But best of all, our belief in her recovery ow believe we are getting our friend back. Each passing week that wonderful woman is emerging into the Light again. The next few months contain promise and hope the like of which we (and she!) have not had since 2006.